Slowly I'm loosing my mind. For almost 3 hours I've been working on a system that 1. already worked, just with some minor issues, 2. has almost no relevance to the actual gameplay and is therefor just a minor topic, and 3. would possibly be relatively easy to do if my code wasn't such a mess.

Oh, and Yes! This is the most awesome picture you've seen today.

Anyway, back to work...


In the beginning ...

A couple of weeks ago, Inko approached myself with the idea of working on a project jointly. I had watched his game evolve - Pers and he had watched mine - SpaceOreMiner. We had sent hints and tips to each other during this time about each others games. Finding him a froody fellow, I decided to accept the offer of a joint project. After many, many emails back and forth between us, a rough idea and concept of a game we both would enjoy working evolved.

With the success of blogging providing both motivation and a great way of getting feedback from players - Inko set up this blog for both of us to talk about the game development. Yesterday, I set up a private wiki for both of us. Rather than going down the GDD path, we thought it would be an interesting experiment to try and document the development inside a wiki. The added bonus of this dynamic environment is that certain sections, Lore, for example, can be pulled out of the wiki and placed in a public one when time comes for a release.

I decided mediawiki was the wiki of choice. Primarily through laziness however, as my host has a one click install option for it :) A quick google found an old blog post about setting a mediawiki to be private. It might be old, but it worked a treat :)

Now, that was a lot of text with no juicy info about the game. Well, Project: CARDS is a working title, but is growing on me the more I see it. As stated in Inko's first post, it is a multiplayer turn-based tactical card war game on a procedurally generated terrain of uber coolness. My primary mandate at the moment is implementing server side support. As my work with SpaceOreMiner taught me, I love making unity ( the platform we are developing on ) talk to PHP and giant databases.

Well, that is it for my first post :)



Let's get started [Project introduction]

Project: CARDS (Working Title) is game which is currently under development by lament Config and me. It's going to be a turn-based action strategy game with huge influence from trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and a dynamic world to explore. More Infos, Ideas and probably screens are coming soon(but probably not too soon).